Exercise at Home

Do you want to be fitter? If you want to start doing exercise at your home but not sure where to start, then you are on the right page. To begin with, here are a few beginner-level exercise equipment & exercises to do at home.

Exercising at home will make a healthy routine for you. You can run, jump, and do some workout inside your home. Your body will be in good shape. Your muscles will become stronger.

You need to have some basic equipment in the beginning. If you are looking for the best home exercise equipment for beginners, then Strategic Business Builders is the perfect place to shop for exercise & fitness equipment.

Building a home gym

Life is getting busier. It isn’t easy to spare time to go to the gym.  But the workout is also necessary for our bodies. We are here to tell you about some beginner home gym exercises. These are pocket friendly and time-saving as well.

It requires dedication to exercise daily to keep yourself fit. We have come with the idea of making a home gym for yourself, too, without breaking your bank.

Best home exercise equipment for beginners

As you are just starting to build a home gym. So don’t need to overflow the money. We are here with some beginner’s workout machines recommendation. The equipment discussed here is costly, as it is just a start for you. We have included here some real budget options for you.

Some home exercising equipment is described below:


Very common and beneficial exercise equipment for beginners. If you are overweight, then it is for you. It helps in losing weight and releasing knee pain as well. If you are not overweight, it can be used for jogging and running—a useful machine to increase your stamina.


Dumbbells are very beneficial when you are exercising at home. You can buy different weight sets or pairs. They are mainly used for the exercise of the biceps. However, they can be used for the full body. For chest flyes and raising shoulders, dumbbells are used as well.


It is a heavy ball coated with rubber. It can be used in different ranges of exercises. It helps your muscles to become stronger. Slamball provides an effective and easy method for improving your strength and flexibility. Increasing weight will make it costly.

Yoga set

Yoga is an ancient practice that reduces stress and improves your mood. It helps in developing flexibility, muscle tone, and balance as well. A convenient way to stretch your muscles. Not very costly, so a good addition to your home gym.

Resistance bands

These bands are simple workout equipment that can be used differently. A perfect addition to any home gym. They offer unique perks to your muscles. They provide strength to your muscles by keeping consistent tension on them.

Jump rope

Useful and cheap equipment that improves the resilience of your leg muscles. It comes with multiple weight options. Jumping rope increases your stamina as well. It provides smooth performance. You can have it with you while traveling.

Having these pieces of basic fitness equipment, you can improve your fitness & physical health efficiently.

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