Burning Calories

If you are struggling to lose some weight and add more curves to your body, you may have realized it till now that the most stubborn fats lie on the tummy, and it is tough to reduce belly fats.

The only solution to this problem is to burn fats faster and keeps trying with determination and patience. The journey of weight loss is hard and long, but fruits are priceless.

A healthy weight keeps you away from many diseases, and you may live longer and healthier than many others around you. You may have tried a lot of them in vain – and pondering about how to reduce my tummy?

There are hundreds of ways that claim they will help you in the journey, but not all of them work out. Here is how to burn fat with scientifically approved techniques.

Here’s how to burn fat and reduce weight by following scientifically approved strategies.

Drink More Water:

Water intake helps to burn calories and reduces weight. Water intake increases metabolism, reduces appetite, and eventually led to calories intake. According to stats, if you drink two glass of water before taking a meal, reduce 13% of calorie intake.

And also leads to a 44% chance to reduce weight. Water helps in burning stubborn fat, flush harmful fluids from the body, and detoxes your system.


Make exercise one of your daily routine. Emphasize on belly exercises to lose weight. Don’t stress your body with long hours of exercise, only 15 min a day at the start is enough, then you can increase gradually.

Exercises keep you fit and active and work as an active agent to reduce belly fat and burn calories fast.

Balance Diet Tips:

  • Make sure you are eating a balanced diet; don’t skip meals and eat healthy food instead.
  • Add proteins and lesser fat dairy or soya fortified drinks. Switch to whole grain flour and leave refined flour. 
  • Add beans and green vegetables more into your food.
  • East fish, eggs, and a low portion of unsaturated oil. 
  • Avoid sugar and try to consume natural sugar with fruits.
  • Cut out junk foods, sugar-sweetened foods, and drinks.
  • Avoid soda, alcohol, and sports drinks. Emphasize good fats like almonds, nuts, and seeds.

Jogging and Walking:

  • Aim to take 10,000 a day, walking reduce 7% of stubborn belly fat in two weeks.
  • You can go round in the morning and try going to nearby places, prefer walking than hiring a cab or using a car.
  • For instance, go for groceries, school, etc.
  • Use a pedometer and increase your daily steps.
  • Take the stairs and avoid elevators.


A significant lifestyle change, like adding exercise to routine and avoiding sugar, will significantly change to weight loss. These changes will burn calories, reduce tummy fat, and lesser health risks.

Losing weight is a long time journey; your strong will matter a lot. But the good thing is you will get positive results after constant effort.

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