A Guide to Online Universities and Degrees in USA

Education, especially during the pandemic, does not need to be halted. Many people in the US complain that universities are too far or eat too much of their time. If your circumstances do not permit you to spend so much time in universities, consider investing in one of the online college degrees. 

This guide will focus on a list of the best online bachelor degree programs. Similarly, we will mention the online universities in USA that serve them:

University of Florida:

The University of Florida is hailed as the best online university in all of the United States. With accredited online degree programs that are accepted state-wide, UoF is a great option for aspiring students.

Programs offered

UoF offers Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctorate degrees to its students. It even hands out certificates for diplomas. Here are some of the best degrees that the University of Florida offers:

  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science (BCS) – UoF is rated as the 48th top university globally to offer undergraduate computer science programs.
  • Engineering – Multiple engineering accredited online degree degrees such as Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and so on are offered at the University of Florida.
  • Business Management – University of Florida offers the best online bachelor degree programs in best. There are several reasons to pursue online education through Anderson University. It is also relatively cheaper than the University of Florida: costing about 3400$ a month for online education. 

Anderson University

Anderson offers around 60 Bachelor’s, Masters and one Doctorate degrees to its students. Here are Business Management. 

Programs offered:

Although a private university that is affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention, it is one of the some degrees why this is one of the best online universities in USA:

  • Law Enforcement – law enforcement degrees hosted by Anderson are acclaimed throughout the nation. They are not only accredited but also sought after. 
  • Human Resources –students studying HR from Anderson usually end up in big companies where they usually make three to five-figure sums a month. 

Florida State University

Originally designed as a premier school for sea-grant and space-grant research, FSU is among the best online universities in the USA. It has over 16 campuses: 16 colleges that are spread across the area. 

Programs offered

FSU offers perhaps the most degrees in any university on this list: just over 360. With the university offering online learning for undergraduate and graduate programs, aspiring students will always find a place in FSU:

  • Computer Science – the accredited online degree programs of computer science that the university offers are one of the best throughout the nation. 
  • English Language/Literature –FSU is generally well-known for its psychology and effective grip on English language and literature. 
  • Criminal Justice – Lawyers that complete their degrees through FSU tend to be hired for more cases in court and have a better reputation. 

Trine University

Trine University is located in Fort Wayne, Angola, Indiana. Originally founded in 1884, this private university offers a lot of accredited online degree programs. The acceptance rate of Trine University is about 73%. 

Programs offered

Here are some of the programs that Trine University offers:

  • Drafting and Design – their special designing courses are well-received in all of the states, with many people sharing that they adore these courses. 
  • Kinesiology and Exercise Science –these special programs are one of the best online bachelor degree programs you can find in the entire state. 

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois is also one of the most prestigious online universities in the USA. Because of the pandemic, everyone is flocking towards this university and checking out their excellent programs.

Programs offered

Winning the Quality Education & Excellence in Institution-Wide Online Teaching and Learning awards, Illinois offers quality programs such as:

  • Data Analytics – Analysts who wish to gain the most freedom and a modern spin to their data analytics courses will love UoI. 
  • Philosophy – UoI offers one of the best online philosophy courses as well, with so much freedom for their students. 

Oregon State University

Oregon State University is designed to be a place where you get things done. Every corner of the university is purpose-oriented. Though the quality-of-life is considerably better on-campus, their online courses are still admirable. 

Programs offered

Oregon State University offers over 90 programs online, ranging from Bachelors to Masters and even Doctorate. Here are some of the more popular courses:

  • Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical Engineering and similar engineering courses offered by OSU are very well-known throughout all of USA.

Utah State University

Utah State University is one of the oldest universities to offer online education. Rated as one of the best online universities in USA, it offers some of the best online college degrees. Utah has been rated as the second highest-ranked public university in the West for a reason. With low tuition fees and high-quality graduates, USU is the best option for many. 

Programs offered

Here are some of the effective courses delivered by USU on their online course regime:

  • Biology/Biological sciences – USU’s effective biology courses in bachelors are very effective and well-revered all over the globe.
  • Registered Nursing/Nurse – Similar to the biological sciences, their nursing/nurse courses are also some of the best in the entire nation. 

Saint Francis University

Saint Francis University is a Catholic liberal arts university in Pennsylvania. With more than 98% of graduates starting a job within 9 months of graduation, SFU stands tall. Their Master’s degree is one of the most popular options for online courses. More than 55% of their graduate students are enrolled in online Master’s programs. Not to say, they also have one of the best online bachelor degree programs. 

Programs offered

Here are some of the most popular online college degree programs being offered by Saint Francis University:

  • Business Administration – SFU’s BA graduates are not only well-versed but also very well-received by companies throughout the globe. 
  • Healthcare Management – Almost all healthcare management graduates from SFU tend to become employees of bigger hospitals. 

Final Thoughts:

We hope that this guide was able to shed light on the best online universities in the USA and the different online degree programs they offer. You can see above the list of best online bachelor degree programs. If you have further queries, do let us know. We will try our best to help you. 

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